1. Choose goods

In the catalog, choose the goods you like. Click on it to see detailed information.

2. Select size and quantity

The detail of the goods contains information about the materials and technologies used and the characteristics of the goods.

Choose your size and quantity in the selected size. Click the Add to Cart button. You only put the goods into the basket without any obligation, at any time you can remove it without paying for it.

If you want to order selected goods in more sizes, put into the cart first one size and number of pieces, then insert other sizes gradually. You will be able to change the number of pieces and size later.

3. Basket

You can access the cart by hovering over the cart icon at the top right and clicking the Cart link or the Finish Purchase button.

4. Cart contents

In the cart you can see all the goods that you put into it. Each item is on a separate line.

You can add any message or specification to the goods that will help us fulfill your wishes and requirements regarding the ordered goods. You can also remove each individual item from your cart.

5. Check the contents of the cart

The total price is displayed below the product listing. However, it does not yet include the delivery price that will be added after the delivery method has been selected.

Check your cart and click Continue order. You can also change the content of your cart in the next steps of the order

6. Enter the details for delivery

In this step, fill in the shipping information. If you wish to deliver the goods to a different address, you can change the information.

7. Confirm shipping details

Check the information you entered and click Continue Order Now to confirm. You can check or correct the match data in the next step.


8. Select the delivery method

Choose the delivery method that suits you best. In the next step, you can check or correct your delivery method.

 9. Data control

This is the last step before a binding order. Here is your last chance to review your information. If you have chosen cash on delivery, click on the Order button to order the goods.