KMM - original leather boots in the style of glade - with a steel toe, tractor sole and screws in the sole, made for fans of ROCK, POP, METAL, PUNK, GOTHIC ...... bikers, rockers and similar minded people.

KMM - original leather boots in the style of glade - without a steel toe, with a soft gel sole in tractor style, made for comfortable walking in a tough style.

KMM - original leather motorcycle shoes for fans of the unique chopper and cruiser style, also suitable for retro style or veteran riders.

KMM boots are made and sewn from highly durable and well-processed cowhide and assembled from proven quality components. In our offer, you will find both classic glades with lacing and lots of original models. You can choose from variants of 3 - 20 holes or special designs decorated with buckles, spikes, or 3-in-1 motorcycle boots.

The origins of this boots date back to the 1930s, when German sports and youth associations ordered these boots from the global shoe manufacturer Baťa for their uniforms. After the war, using the remaining technology and components began to produce almost authentic shoes, which were initially used as work shoes, but over time, between young people became so popular that work shoes became exclusively fashionable shoes thanks to minor modifications and color combinations. At that time, these shoes were named KMM-CLUB OF YOUNG FASHION.

Stylish shoes for fans of ROCK, POP, METAL, PUNK, GOTIC style, bikers ..... For its originality, large range of colors and especially quality, these shoes are sold to countries throughout the European Union. Compared to other similar brands, KMM shoes are more expensive, however, the quality of leather and workmanship is very high and the utility value is much more favorable due to the price.

KMM footwear has Czech origins, their production comes from the former Baťa factory - it is produced on old Czech machines for a 100% Czech company (which is also the owner of the brand and patents) in a Polish manufactory.

The characteristic features of KMM shoes are triple seams, steel toes and bollts in the sole. Today's youth are also looking for light KMM shoes without a steel toe built on a light gel sole. KMM shoes are made of high-quality cowhide and PUR sole.

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