Dear business friends,

The KMM brand has been on the market for more than 30 years. It is a brand with Czech origins. KMM shoes are manufactured using old quality Czech machines, the owners of the brand and patents are 100% Czech companies, however, the production itself takes place in a Polish manufactory. All products are made primarily of European components (of course, thanks to historical developments in recent decades, this cannot be 100% guaranteed).

After many years of cooperation, we took over the distribution of products from the owner of the brand, who will now focus only on production, new models and designs. We moved the warehouse and all stocks to the local store in Frýdek-Místek. We would like to continue to develop the brand, especially with regard to quality, and we look forward for cooperating with you.

We will be happy to send you the wholesale conditions, or we will inform you by phone, but we will ask you to send a trade license or extract from the Commercial Register and one or two photos of your store, or e-shop address to orders@botykmm.cz, or contact us by phone at +420 732 521 429. The basic rules for cooperation can be found below on this page.

For existing customers, please register on the e-shop and send information to the email orders@botykmm.cz, we will immediately set wholesale prices for you.  

Thank you.


The basic procedure for starting wholesale cooperation

- register on the e-shop and fill in all the necessary information

- in response to the confirmation email, send us business licence, the website address of your e-shop and a photo of your local store (or another sales channel you use)

- we will set up your account in the business partners price group - after a new login you will see your updated purchase prices

- after setting up your business account you can start using updated purchases prices - if the orders better suit you by email, contact us at objednavky@botykmm.cz :: we will enter the order into the system and send it for double checking


Basic rules of wholesale cooperation

- there is no limit for orders, it is only necessary to take into account the condition of individual items of footwear (stock, availability, etc. see below)

- the prices listed on the botykmm.cz website for end customers is recommended prices for sale. It is not possible to offer our boots on online stores and local stores for a long time at lower prices (prices visible without login, prices going to search engines, etc.), exceptionally short-term sales promotion events can be accepted

- in case of violation of the rules, we reserve the right not to deliver the products


Wholesale orders

- it is possible to order continuously (risk of longer delivery time, price according to the current situation), or as part of a pre-order a larger package of models (advantage of stock, price guarantee)

- when ordering continuously, please check the availability of goods :: individual items (boots models) have availability set (listed next to the price)

     :: in stock - quantity in stock, these models are in stock, we ship immediately, max next working day

     :: in production - delivery within 30 days, these models are usually in stock, however, they are currently sold out, but have already been entered into production and will probably be in stock shortly

     :: production - 30-60 days, these models are usually not kept in stock, but they are normally for sale, so they can be ordered in any quantity, production then takes up to 2 months

     :: mady by order - approx. 1-3 months, we produce these models made by order, so the minimum quantity of the order is 10 pairs from the model (even in different sizes), if you see the status "in stock" for some sizes, you can of course order separately (only quantity in stock)

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