Shoe maintenance

Leather is a natural material and special attention should be paid to its maintenance. This is a high-quality material - it can adapt to the foot to a large extent, and probably no one has yet invented a material that is more suitable for footwear. Leather can also change its appearance during its lifetime – especially dyed leather. This is natural for this natural material and is not a defect.

Natural leather is not a waterproof material! We increase water repellency by using treatment products - natural creams, balms, oils or impregnations. Dry wet shoes gradually at a sufficient distance from the heat source, preferably at room temperature.


KMM boots in smooth and coated leather (smooth leather)

Smooth and lacquered leather is cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth and then dried with a dry cloth. You can also use a special cleansing shampoo for the skin. Then we apply a thin layer of treatment - individually a balm or cream made of beeswax, natural oil on the skin or oil in a spray. Let it soak in and polish with a soft brush, sponge or cloth intended for this purpose. We treat shoes at regular intervals so that the leather does not dry out, harden or crack. If we care for the shoes correctly, we will achieve a softening of the leather and thus a comfortable wear and a long service life.


KMM shoes made of brushed leather, crazy leather, nubuck and velor

A special rubber (or very fine steel) brush or a special sponge is needed to clean these shoes. To treat the leather, you can use oil on the leather in a spray, to increase the water repellency, a special impregnation spray.
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