Payment and delivery

We currently only send internationally to (except for PL and SK, go to the relevant language version of the website) our wholesale partners. If you are interested in our KMM products, contact one of the sellers in your country (sellers page) or send us an email and we will send a shipping calculation to your location.

The price of shipping will be calculated according to the quantity and weight of the ordered products and the country of delivery. The products will be sent after the previous payment by bank transfer. For calculation, use our email orders@botykmm.cz.

Do not accept goods that will be delivered to you in visibly damaged packaging. Return it to the carrier and indicate the reason for the non-acceptance of the "damaged consignment" in the consignment note. We will immediately arrange the delivery of replacement goods, of course, free of charge. We would like to inform you that at the moment of taking over the goods (ie by signing the consignment note) you assume the risk of damage to the goods during transport and it will therefore not be possible to subsequently claim the goods. In case of non-acceptance of the goods due to damage during transport, you will not be charged any additional costs.


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